[Yum-devel] [PATCH 7/9] Call 'thread()' in multiple threads.

Zdenek Pavlas zpavlas at redhat.com
Mon Jun 27 17:00:13 UTC 2011

> So - this is a non-starter. We need parallel downloads in yum to run in
> A SEPARATE process. This lets us have the benefit of separate selinux
> protections over the downloading process and the transaction process.

Yeah, I remember we talked about selinux... I'm not a selinux expert, just
expected that when it offers per-PID security policies, it covers threads too.
Looked much simpler.  But security-wise, shared memory is no real boundary, right.

> More importantly the number of things that go unwell in rpm when
> threading comes into play is so high that keeping threads out of yum
> entirely is worthwhile.

RPM is out the way.  

> Forking off multiple processes which you communicate with over a pipe is
> the preferred method for multiple, parallel downloads in yum.
> I'm sorry, but nack.

No big deal, I'll think about it again.  Thanks!


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