[Yum-devel] yum shell and exit codes and plugins [was Re: Reorganize yum-cron...]

Matthew Miller mattdm at mattdm.org
Fri Jul 29 14:31:54 UTC 2011

>  Also, it'd be nice to go straight to having:
> yum-cron update
> yum-cron cleanup
> yum-cron check-updates
> yum-cron download-updates
> ...and then the only things looking in sysconfig/yum-cron would be
> the .cron.sh files. But I'm not going to NAK it for that.

Because the existing yum-cron did it that way, I followed the model of
having the actions run corresponding yum scripts. The question is: is there
any real advantage in doing that? Why not just run "yum upgrade" and "yum
clean packages expire-cache"?

If there is a current or future advantage in using yum shell, the above
suggestion runs into an issue: "yum check-update" actually returns a value
which the calling script can use (100, if updates are pending), whereas
running check-updates from yum shell does not appear to. Is there a
solution? Should there be?

And, similarly, plugins like download-updates add command-line options, but
do not appear to add anything to yum shell. How should that be handled?

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