[Yum-devel] [PATCH] Adds initial files for automatically generating html documentation.

Nick Jacek njacek at redhat.com
Wed Jul 20 15:08:04 UTC 2011

These files tell sphinx where to look in the source code to generate the documentation.  In the future, they could also be edited to add documentation about the modules that we want online, but not in the source code, such as long usage examples.  These files don't have to go in the git repo, but then I'm not sure where else to put them.  Also, since sphinx can't generate the documentation without these files, if we don't put them in the git repo, I'm not sure it makes sense to put any of the sphinx config files at all in the repo.

Nick Jacek

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On Tue, 2011-07-19 at 15:46 -0400, Nick Jacek wrote:
> This adds configuration files so that Sphinx can automatically
> generate html documentation for yum.  So far, the default settings for
> Sphinx are mostly used.  To generate the documentation, make sure
> Sphinx is installed, then cd to yum/docs/sphinxdocs and run "make html".
> ---
>  docs/sphinxdocs/index.rst       |   28 +++++
>  docs/sphinxdocs/output.rst      |   46 ++++++++
>  docs/sphinxdocs/shell.rst       |   11 ++
>  docs/sphinxdocs/utils.rst       |   16 +++
>  docs/sphinxdocs/yumcommands.rst |  168 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>  docs/sphinxdocs/yummain.rst     |    9 ++

 I'm assuming we don't need these files in the git repo.?
 If so could you send a patch without them?

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