[Yum-devel] [PATCH] Fix/allow reinstalls of installonly packages:

James Antill james at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jun 21 16:40:21 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-06-18 at 15:49 -0400, seth vidal wrote:
> On Fri, 2010-06-18 at 00:24 -0400, James Antill wrote:
> > . We have to mark them as reinstalls.
> > 
> > . Stop aborting them manually.
> > 
> > . Turn installonly removals off, when they are being reinstalled.
> > 
> > ...the only "problem" is that if you do "yum reinstall kernel" we'll
> > reinstall all versions of the kernel that are available.
> We talked about this a bit on irc but I wanted to see if anyone else had
> a comment:
> I don't LOVE this for reinstall for the same reason I don't LOVE yum
> remove kernel removing ALL of them.
> So with that in mind - how would folks feel about special-casing yum
> remove for kernel.
> So if you specify a kernel+ver or a glob, it'll do what you ask and blow
> your system up, potentially.
> but if you just say 'yum remove kernel' or 'yum reinstall kernel' it'll
> dump out an error message like "you need to specify a glob or a specific
> kernel version" and then list out the kernel versions you could specify.
> just to keep people from shooting themselves in the foot.

 I posted patches to do something similar, which I think is slightly
"nicer". It still special cases the kernel, so "yum remove blah" where
blah is in installonly will do "interesting" things ... but I can live
with that :)

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