[Yum-devel] Making yum a more `portable' package manager

Garrett Cooper yanegomi at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 19:51:16 UTC 2010

Hi Yum folks,
    I'm looking at adding yum to FreeBSD ports in order to do package
resolution at the Linux compat layer so we can have a more sane Linux
environment and one of the things that would need some work is the yum
tool (in particular: pathing, it needs a setup.py script for
completeness, etc). I was wondering if anyone was interested in this
work... at the worst folks with older versions of Fedora, Redhat, or
whatever could have a portable tool that installs into
${PREFIX}/lib/python<version>/site-packages/yum so some of the code
that's in place that tells yum where to pick up files wouldn't be
needed anymore, or someone using a dev version of the tool could use
the tool without impacting a system copy by setting the appropriate
variables that are used via distutils, etc.

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