[Yum-devel] [PATCH] Improve relevance ordering of search results.

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at iki.fi
Mon Oct 26 21:10:23 UTC 2009

On Monday 26 October 2009, Seth Vidal wrote:

> I'm inclined toward ACK. Have you noticed any speed impact?

Some, but well within acceptable IMO, as I think the improved order of hits 
saves some time for end users.  For "time ./yummain.py search mysql python 
library >/dev/null" I get[0] representative times from a bunch of runs like:

before this patch: real    0m7.371s
 after this patch: real    0m7.690s

For something that produces less hits, like "time ./yummain.py search foo 
>/dev/null", there doesn't seem to be any meaningful difference, could even be 
that the patched version is faster by a miniscule margin.  The representative 
"real" times for both are around 0m1.179s.

[0] The box I'm trying this with is not a beefy one: F-11 x86_64 desktop, one 
AMD64 3200+, 2G RAM, one SATA drive.

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