[Yum-devel] [PATCH] Add bash completion.

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at iki.fi
Fri Oct 23 15:54:00 UTC 2009

On Friday 23 October 2009, James Antill wrote:

>  This is just matching on name, yeh? ... so it can't match things like
> "yum-*.25", right?

Well, it can _match_ those kind of things because "yum-*.25" gets passed to 
yum list, but the completions offered are picked from the first column in yum 
list's output.

> And what does it do with the overflow lines¹?

Depends on the yum list output, or what it does to those lines when the 
overflow would occur and the output is not a tty.  Do you have some exact test 
cases in mind?  It does the right thing when I do "yum info php-pear-
Structures-DataGrid-DataSource-DataOb" and hit tab in a ridiculously narrow 
KDE terminal window (e.g. 20 chars).

>  Esp. given the sed hack, is it not easier to drop some yum API scripts
> into /usr/libexec/yum-bash-completion ... or something?

That's certainly not easier for me, but could be for someone else and 
dedicated API scripts like these would certainly have a chance to work better 
than the current implementation.  Anyway I think the current one is good 
enough for general consumption, but improvements are of course welcome and 
there is some room for them here and there.

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