[Yum-devel] Breaking yum repository metadata

Seth Vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Tue Oct 20 15:00:50 UTC 2009

On Tue, 20 Oct 2009, James Antill wrote:

> This is misleading, updates (the only part of Fedora's release repos.
> that change) is currently (for F11) 22MB uncompressed and 5.5MB
> compressed. This is still not "tiny" but it's much smaller than updating
> everything.

And as far as I know the 'fedora' repo should never change once released.

If you're using rawhide you simply will need more bandwidth.

> The problem here is we need the requirements lookups to be fast, and
> being in a single .sqlite DB is going to be much faster than having
> N .xml files.
> Also things like "repoquery --whatrequires" will now be horrible.
> Saying that my suspicion is that requirements don't change that much,
> so if we could split them cleverly it's possible we could reuse them a
> lot.
> Feel free to investigate, I just don't think we can promise to accept
> anything.

I'd love to see some stats on the N most common requirements and how often 
those requirements are NOT satisfied.

>> To go farther in splitting, it might be nice to store package
>> descriptions in separate files too.
> One of the things that's on the TODO list is to remove summary and
> description from primary, and have them in locale specific files. This
> should solve a number of problems, and we'd be more than happy to have
> some extra hands to make this happen sooner.

Actually I have an email coming out soon with a list of the potential f13 
yum features to work on.

> What we'd really like to do, long term., is remove file requirements
> completely. But that requires a lot of work, mostly non-technical.

except that'd we need to continue storing the *bin/* filelists so we can 
lookup commands (or, ideally, have rpm stuff those in provides for us)


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