[Yum-devel] yum 3.2.25 released

Seth Vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Wed Oct 14 19:35:30 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,
  Yum 3.2.25 is now released. This release is almost entirely bugfixes 
and translation updates but one significant feature was added.

James added the 'yum history' feature:

  The history command allows the user to view what has happened in past 
transactions (assuming the history_record config. option is set). You can 
use info/list/summary to view what happened, undo/redo to act on that 
information and new to start a new history file.

  The info/list/summary commands take either a transactions id or a package 
(with wildcards, as in Specifying package names), all three can also be 
passed no arguments. list can be passed the keyword "all" to list all the 
transactions.  undo/redo just take a transaction id.

Complete changelog here:



Let us know what breaks,

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