[Yum-devel] problems discussed at the yum talk at fudcon

seth vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jan 21 00:16:12 UTC 2008

I gave a talk on yum at fudcon. It was fairly well attended. I decided
to preempt the 'yum sucks' portion of the talk by putting up a white
board with 'yum problems' written across it then asking for what
problems people have with yum.

Here's the list I got, some of them were suggested by people with less
than complete sincerity:

- it's not apt :)
- no bittorrent support :)
- no localization
- the output is either too much or too little (depending on whom you ask
and what time of day it is)
- need to track where packages come FROM more and allow users to take
action based on that: yum remove from_bad_repo
- yum log format lacks the year (also worthy of note it lacks the
century and eon) - but the original point is not without merit
- groupupdate and group state tracking. Currently, the heuristic to
track the state a yum group* group is in is a little hairy.
- make the search returns faster (also make the searching not lockup on
common words (known bug))
- add/deal with non-requires relationships
- yum reinstall somepkg
- clean up/vet the docs b/c a lot of them are out of date or just wrong
- make it faster/smaller/______er

Ideas about these problems:
- The ones about tracking additional information for installed packages
meshes well with the group-state tracking. We probably have to go ahead
and bite the bullet and have a persistent database somewhere.

- the localization stuff is just 'it must be done' sadly it is painfully

- yum reinstall - it's ALMOST functional now - just need to tag a macro
onto the ts to make it completely work and lace it into

- the search faster and search having an issue on generic searches I
think I know how to beat up a bit more. Sorting the search results is
great but I think we need to either add a LIMIT operation to the search
results of some kind.

okay - my 2c on some of these - please fill in w/more.


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