[Yum-devel] pup/pirut fails with aliases plugin

Tim Lauridsen tim.lauridsen at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 14 10:59:54 UTC 2008

Look like there is a problem with pup/pirut and the aliases plugin.


I have answered the user to open a bz report the problem.

The problem is the
from i18n import _

this only works when running from the cli, bacause i18n.py is located in 
/usr/share/yum-cli and nor available without adding '/usr/share/yum-cli'
the python path.
yumex works because it have a i18n.py providing the same function.

a quick workaround could be adding:

     from i18n import _
except ImportError:
     def _(msg):
	print msg

import sys

A hole other problem is why adding _() to the plugin, it will not work 
because the messages will not be picked up by the yum.pot file because 
the plugin is not part of the yum main packages and then not part of the 
  yum translation domain.

So the best solution for now is to remove the _() calls and just do 
normal printing or even better write to the yum.verbose_log instead.

This error raises another issues, is it a good idea to use the yum-cli 
classes from a plugin, in a util it make sense because the what to avoid
duplication of code.
If there is some functionality in the cli code there is needed by 
plugins, then it should be move to a public module yum or maybe a new 
yum-cli one.


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