[Yum-devel] urlgrabber status and future

Michael Stenner mstenner at linux.duke.edu
Mon Apr 14 16:33:54 UTC 2008

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to try and re-integrate with the community a bit and
start getting back to urlgrabber. Several things (some related to the
code, most not) have drawn me a way a bit, but I'd like to get back.
That said, practical realities like an unforgiving day job suggest
that it might be wise to scrounge up some potential labor other than
myself to work on UG.

One warning: urlgrabber is designed to work over multiple versions of
python and multiple protocols with some interesting subtleties.  9 out
of 10 patches people send in fix some problem they have while breaking
something else.  (In fact, the code-related issue that has been
keeping me away is frustration with trying to figure out how to get
out of a pickle created by missing such a problem)  I'm not looking
for cavalier that-should-be-easy coders.  Someone who knows and loves
unit tests and takes pride in making rock-solid products would be more
appropriate.  I don't mean to scare folks away, but it'll save us all
a bunch of pain if I lay that out early :)

So, is anyone intersted?  UG will be getting something of a minor
overhaul in the near future, so it'll be a good time to dive in.
Also, I'm going to be spinning back up myself... it'll be fun!


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