[Yum-devel] remove dependency ordering problem

Robert Mecklenburg rmecklenburg at s5w.com
Tue Apr 1 20:59:32 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-04-01 at 15:39 -0400, Jesse Keating wrote:
> Are you making proper use of Requires(post): ?

Good question.  Here is the relevant portion of one of our spec files:

    Group: Applications
    Requires: s5base
    Requires: s5corelibs

This is generated by epm and seems to work correctly to install our
packages from a yum repository.  I have not been able to find
documentation on your "(post)" syntax, however.  Could explain what it

> If I understand it correctly, removal ordering and install ordering is
> all inside rpm itself, not yum.  Yum just hands rpm a transaction list,
> rpm figures out what order to do it in.  

Hmmm, the version of rpm we are using does not appear to handle
dependencies during erase correctly.  That is, when I run rpm with an
explicit list of all the packages to remove, rpm will not order the
erasures properly -- even though the Requires: lines are correct and
work during install.

> You have to give rpm hints if you need things for %pre and %post so
> that it can get the ordering correct.

I'd love to if you can tell me how?  I was under the impression that
Requires: was the way to do that.  The "%pre" and "%post" are used to
specify scripts for pre- and post- installation, which is not
relevant, or am I wrong?

Seth Vidal writes:
> and in various versions of rpm erasure ordering was either 'odd' or 'not
> working'.

That is what we seem to be seeing.  If rpm is not handling
dependencies during erase correctly, does this mean that "yum remove"
will not work correctly either?  I.e., yum has no independent
dependency logic of its own, but rather relies wholly on rpm?

Robert Mecklenburg

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