[Yum-devel] remove dependency ordering problem

Robert Mecklenburg rmecklenburg at s5w.com
Tue Apr 1 17:50:17 UTC 2008

We have a yum remove dependency problem we are trying to solve.  Given three packages:

   pkga requires nothing
   pkgb requires pkga
   pkgc requires pkgb

When we perform a "yum install pkgc", of course, everything works
great; pkga is installed first, pkgb second, pkgc last.

However when we perform a "yum remove pkga" the order of removal is
not pkgc, pkgb, pkga.  Of course, our situation is more complex with
more packages and at least one more "layer" of requires.  In our case,
pkga is actually removed before some of the other packages.  Since
pkga contains files needed to remove our other packages (such as
scripts and shared libraries), the other package removes fail.

I've googled for this issue and cannot find a discussion of this
problem.  We're running on centos:

    $ rpm -qa | grep yum

    $ rpm -qa | grep rpm

Our packages are quite simple and we are using epm (www.epmhome.org)
to build them.  I don't believe that is the source of the problem, but
I could be wrong. ;-)

    $ epm --version
    ESP Package Manager v4.1

Is this a known issue with yum?
Is there some special configuration to solve this problem?


Robert Mecklenburg

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