[Yum-devel] [patch] Dynamic indexes for PackageSack

Florian Festi ffesti at redhat.com
Wed Jun 13 07:41:05 UTC 2007


This patch keeps the indexes of the PackageSack in sync with the packages in 
the sack. This solves a corruption of the indexes when adding packages 
between searches.

The patch dramatically increases the performance for
Add packages - Search - Add package - Search   scenarios

It dramatically reduces performance for
Add packages - Search - Remove most packages - Search   scenarios

This can be avoided using the new .clearIndexes() method if the situation is 
known in advance.

Patch will be needed for searching in localinstall packages. As the code 
handling them will move away from cli.py and call patterns of 3rd party code 
  is unknown this patch is needed to avoid difficult to spot bugs related to 
the outdated indexes.

Florian Festi
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