[Yum-devel] searching the packageSack

Jack Neely jjneely at ncsu.edu
Tue Jan 23 22:51:00 UTC 2007


Ah...I understand more of what's going on.  

db2class() creates a random object instance that's not a PO, fills it in
like a PO, and every place db2class() is called then typecasts that
object to the needed PO.

The prco information is left blank, because the PO will pull that
information from the cache if needed.  However, searchPrco() adds in one
specific bit of prco information depending on what you are looking for.
Therefore, when I need to look up other prco information of the same
type, that data structure isn't None (or whatever the sentinal is) and
the PO class does not pull the additional information from the cache.

I didn't see the "self.pc" method in sqlitesack.py until just a few
minutes ago, but that explains what I'm seeing.

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