[Yum-devel] Yum on Fedora Core 6

Aad Rijnberg Aad.Rijnberg at zonnet.nl
Mon Jan 22 21:59:40 UTC 2007

On Saturday 20 January 2007 19:49, seth vidal wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-01-20 at 17:15 +0100, Aad Rijnberg wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am experiencing a strange problem on one of my machines. Once I update
> > this machine, downloading of headers is very slow (sometimes 1 kb per
> > minute) while the rpm's come in at high speed (1Mb per second). Could
> > there be any explanation for this? (On another machine with FC6 I have no
> > such problems.)
> 1. this isn't really a question for yum-devel - more for the yum mailing
> list

Oh sorry. I asked on the #fedora channel and they referred me to this list. I 
will subscribe to the yum mailing list.

> 2. you're almost undoubtedly behind a proxy,I'd bet, and it is giving
> you fits about the byte-range requests.

That is a difference between the 2 machines: one is at home and the other is 
at work (behind a proxy). I did set up a proxy in /etc/yum.conf at work (that 
worked for Fedora Core 3, 4, and 5). BTW: what are byte-range requests?



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