[Yum-devel] speeding up searchNevra in rpmsack

Jay Soffian jay-yum-devel at soffian.org
Thu Oct 12 16:32:04 UTC 2006

>> I was getting a file-descriptor issue with the code sample you
>> posted. Is that what you're getting or something else?
> that's what I was getting, yes.

So it's pretty clear what's happening if you do this:

import rpm, os
for num in range(1, 10):
     ts = rpm.TransactionSet()
     print num
     mi = ts.dbMatch(0, 20)
     h = mi.next()
     del ts
os.system("ls -l /proc/%s/fd" % os.getpid())

Now why that's happening is another matter. I go poke around inside  
rpm now. :-)


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