[Yum-devel] LC_MESSAGES dependencies

Jay Soffian jay at soffian.org
Wed Oct 11 15:16:28 UTC 2006

On Oct 11, 2006, at 3:17 AM, Paul Nasrat wrote:
> rpm 4.4.6 has automatically generated dependencies on unowned
> directories.  You probably don't want that for a non-vendor  
> provided rpm
> package where you don't control the other packages for the  
> distribution.
> Another option is using /etc/rpm/sysinfo to provide them.  I  
> believe the
> 4.4.x branch also has added RPMDEPS_FLAG_NOPARENTDIRS which you could
> set by default to disable.

Cool, thanks for the pointer.

> I'm not sure why  you'd want to replace the system rpm, that seems
> against the goals of having distributions and most distros packaging
> guidelines.

I'm not replacing the system rpm. I need to use modern yum on  
versions of Linux where the system rpm is <= 4.1.1. So I use modern  
yum and modern rpm to determine what packages need to be applied and  
in what order, then use system rpm to install the actual packages,  
falling back to a command-line invocation of system rpm as needed.

It seemed most straightforward to use the same version of modern rpm  
across all versions of Linux I need to support (going back to RHL 7.3  
and SuSE 8.0). However, I realize I might be better off using system  
rpm where it is available and new enough, and using a private copy of  
modern rpm otherwise (again, just for solving deps, not for  
installing packages). The question then becomes, what is the best  
version of modern rpm to use on the older Linux distributions.

In any case, I guessed that 4.4.6 would be the best choice.


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