[Yum-devel] groupreq in yum-2.6?

seth vidal skvidal at linux.duke.edu
Sun May 28 04:40:45 UTC 2006

> I think that making it higher level and explicitly separating it out
> starts to make sense as you can have different apps caring about
> different "representations" of things, as it were.  And that's fine.

the patches I checked in to the repomd parser as well as yumRepos.py
should make the above extremely do-able, including via plugins.

I confirmed w/menno that a plugin has access via the repo conduit to
tell the repo.repoXML object to grab and checksum any arbitrary file in
the repomd.xml. Then the plugin can parse it as it wants and make yum do
whatever with that data.

we can also plan to use it for exciting news things built into yum base.


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