[Yum-devel] zeroconf-like discovery of repos

Mihai Ibanescu misa+yum at redhat.com
Thu May 18 19:09:56 UTC 2006

On Thu, May 18, 2006 at 06:02:15PM +0100, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Karanbir Singh wrote:
> > Mihai Ibanescu wrote:
> >> I have the plugin already done (relaying on python-adns after I patched it to
> >> support SRV records). I will send it after I clean things up a little
> >> (probably by end of day today).
> > 
> > request: can we try and stay py2.3 safe.... if possible py2.2 safe..
> > 
> doh! i suppose that request came too late :)

I believe it should be py2.2 safe. Definitely not 1.5 safe, although probably
too few people care about that - the largest obstacle would probably be
python-adns. I will definitely test it on 2.2.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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