[Yum-devel] groupreq in yum-2.6?

Paul Nasrat pnasrat at redhat.com
Fri May 12 15:15:36 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-05-12 at 09:35 -0400, Brian Long wrote:

> > What precisely are you trying to achieve with groupreq?  Lets see if we
> > can figure a way to do what you want.  
> https://lists.dulug.duke.edu/pipermail/yum/2006-April/008627.html

OK.  There are a few approaches here, but lets summarise the problem:

As a cluster admin, I want to deal with high level profiles (eg
"Engineering Workstation"), a profile consists of various software
groups which are deployed on an install.  Over the life of the profile I
may wish to edit the groups, but do not wish to put the package
information into the profile.

Could you give me some more concrete examples of the kind of group
changes you'd expect to see over the life of the profile.  Could you
also quantify the statement "If I move the source of truth from
yumgroups.xml to each profile, it's increases my maintenance cost".
Basically I can see what you're trying to do, but I want to understand
the pain points, etc so any suggestions don't replicate them.

Anaconda and fedora specifics are probably getting a little off topic
for this forum, so I'll skip those for the moment other than to quickly
note I think multirepo support in anaconda will make some of the pain go
away.  We already have initial support in rawhide (only lightly tested
at the moment).  If you want to play with this, and feedback on what
would help your needs - please mail me off list for basic instructions.

Also are you using anything like cfengine/puppet in your environment for
high level management of all classes/profiles of machines post install.


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