[Yum-devel] some outstanding bugs to think about for devel

Tim Lauridsen tim at rasmil.dk
Thu May 11 08:11:47 UTC 2006

Leslie Satenstein wrote:
> Please think about this problem that I have had twice. Once I solved 
> it by a complete reinstall of the system, the second time by some luck.
> YUM is as critical to updates as a /boot partition and a backout 
> kernel version is to booting.
> When the system crashes, we have a recovery cd.  But when YUM crashes, 
> and it has, for whatever reason, we need a recovery version of yum to 
> be installable. This recovery version would restore yum to an earlier 
> version, and hopefully with that, we will be home free. 
I don't know if i understand you right, in what situation do yum fails ??.
* A new version of yum is not working on the system (SOLUTION: Fallback 
to earlier release )
* Yum fails because of network problem (SOLUTION: Fix the network 
problems and try again)
* Yum fails because of corrupted metadata. (SOLUTION: yum clean all & 
try again)
* Yum fails because of wrong information i repo files. (SOLUTION: Fix 
the repo files)

I only remember one time where yum was not working, and it was because 
of a broken pysqlite in Rawhide (Pre FC5).
But it was on a bleeding edge system, so it is supposed to break :-).

Yumex is another issue, it's a gui and it depends a lot of callback from 
the yum api to make the gui responsive.
There is lot of things there :-))).


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