[Yum-devel] rpm dbpath and mock

Alan Milligan alan at balclutha.org
Wed Apr 19 17:04:32 UTC 2006

Thanks guys.

Paul is right, I am asking about dbpath.

There's a subtle difference between them in that root only affects where
unpacks, pre and post scripts etc will be applied from, whereas dbpath
suggests which actual BDB's to use - getting this wrong could be quite
surprising ;)

Having a play with this seems to only give me what I want when I set the
_dbpath macro, but only when I *don't* set the root in the
TransactionSet constructor.

While this is perfectly fine for querying, I do wonder where exactly a
payload would get written on my file system - I'd better make dead sure
that all such operations are delegated to mock in it's sandbox ;)

Cheers, Alan

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