[Yum-devel] [Patch 4/4] Defining other repository types in yum

seth vidal skvidal at linux.duke.edu
Thu Apr 13 14:41:40 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-04-11 at 22:12 -0400, pvetere at redhat.com wrote:
> Heh.  That would be me.  :-)  I worked with James on these patches.  
> Looks like you found a line we missed when were cleaning up the code 
> for submission.  I
> commented out this line because we abstracted the RepoStorage class to 
> a degree
> where it no longer had specific knowledge of which repository was
> sqlite-capable.  That knowledge now lives inside of the YumRepo class itself.
> As I see it, the purpose of the code here is simply to warn the user 
> when sqlite
> is not available.  We could either move this code down into the YumRepo class
> (and have that class warn the user) or provide an abstract accessor method in
> the RepoStorage class which queries each of the repository types for their
> sqlite-ness and then proxies that knowledge up to caller.

Afaict, the only reason we keep the direct-read code around is for
repoclosure - b/c it is MUCH faster than sqlite for iterating all of the
file paths. If we can get that sorted out in one way or the other then
we could just dump that part of the code and make the dep on sqlite a
hard dep.


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