[Yum-devel] Such pretty, pretty crack

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Mon Jan 31 08:48:19 UTC 2005

hi all,
 So apparently I was on drugs this weekend. I can only assume this b/c I
implemented some things which could, very likely, fall into such a

 1. yum resolvedep /usr/bin/foo
   this will search the repos for something that resolves that dep
   ditto for: yum resolvedep "foo > 1.1" and yum resolvedep bar
 2. yum install /some/misc/file 
    - using the above function internally it allows you to do file-path 
      installs. I think this is a crack command line arg item but there 
      it is. No, it doesn't support globbing, no, i'm not interested in 
      having it support globbing. :)
Now for the special, special crack, that really needs some more cleaning
  yum shell

yum shell will dump you out at a prompt (after reading in the rpmdb and
setting up potential transaction set stuff)
then all the normal yum commands will function:

yum shell:
Setting up Yum Shell:
> list updates
(updates listed here)
> update procps
 (procps is pushed into the updates list, if possible)
> list available
(available pkgs listed here)
> install cfengine
 (cfengine is pushed into the install list, if possible)
> remove zip
 (zip is pushed into the remove list, if possible)
> run

at this point it will run the transaction(s) you have built uprequested
and then promptly exit.

this is:
  1. completely new and undocumented
  2. really not very clean looking
  3. incredibly useful for testing weird transactions
  4. not guaranteed to be there tomorrow, or if it is it might be
commented out, I dunno.

Things this needs if it will thrive and surive:
  - command history would be nice
  - list things in the transaction table
  - cleaner output for the repetitive functions that just end up getting
called over and over again.

so folks, i've been goofing around a bit, let me know how stupid you
think this is, okay?



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