[Yum-devel] yum 2.1.13 released

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Jan 25 07:41:43 UTC 2005

Hi Everyone,
 I've released yum 2.1.13. This fixes a lot of bugs and speeds a number
of operations up. In addition, if there is nothing horribly, horribly,
obviously, stupidly broken, then this will become 2.2.0 at some point in
the future and we'll start working on new and worrisome stuff in -
HEAD. :)



rpm: (built on fc3)

For this release special thanks to the following folks for patches,
opinions, etc:

Gijs Hollestelle
Paul Howarth
Jeremy Katz
Paul Nasrat
Terje Rosten
Menno Smits
Ryan Tomayko

Changes Summary:
- added kernel-devel to 'installonlypkgs' by default - redefine it in 
  your yum.conf if you'd prefer it not be there :)
- Included a number of patches from Gijs and Terje to clean up and 
  improve the output from yum pre and post transaction. It looks a lot 
- Added in Gijs patch that displays total amount of data to be 
- enabled regets for rpm downloading
- cleaned up and enabled all the proxy handling on a per-repository 
- Added in Menno's GPG automatic key import routines - see 'gpgkey' 
  in the yum.conf manpage for more information.
- made sure mirrorlists are not downloaded for disabled repositories
- added repository to transaction confirmation listing.
- packages Providing: 'kernel' or 'kernel-modules' will always be 
  installed, not updated
- fix for bug #386
- fix for bug #382
- implemented all the transactioninfo stuff - should make obsoletes 
  print out better now and in general make whole portions of code suck  
- allow group commands to use group ids not just group names  - so now 
  you can do: 'yum grouplist base-x' instead of: 
  'yum grouplist "X Window System"'. You can, of course, mix them up, 
- use hdr index to grab headers from the rpmdb - much much much faster.
- 'python /path/to/site-packages/yum/config.py /some/yum.conf' will now 
  do a readable output of your config settings and all repos
- lots of man page fixes from Menno.

There are a number of other misc changes - but these are the
big/interesting things. See the changelog for all the details.

So check this out, see if it breaks. Let me know what goes 'boom'.

Thanks to all the folks who sent patches and spent some time arguing
with me over the right way to do things. This release is cool b/c of all
the patches I've gotten and good and reasonable discussion on yum-devel
list about how to do things better.


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