[Yum-devel] [PATCH] report total download size

Michael Favia michael.favia at insitesinc.com
Mon Jan 24 05:50:08 UTC 2005

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Gijs Hollestelle wrote:

> Dependencies Resolved
> Transaction Listing:
>   Install: squale.i386 0:0.1.1-1.1.fc3.fr - freshrpms
> Performing the following to resolve dependencies:
>   Install: mysql.i386 0:3.23.58-14 - updates
>   Install: perl-DBI.i386 0:1.40-5 - base
>   Install: perl-DBD-MySQL.i386 0:2.9003-5 - base
> Total download size: 3.8 M
> Is this ok [y/N]:
> What I've done to implement this is to move a small piece of code in
> cli.py and add a new reportDownloadSize method to output.py. See the
> attached patch for more details.

This is a great and oft requested idea. I don't know about your
implementation but i do have 1 suggestion. If the update is very big the
user will want to know what packages are so large so they can --exclude
them. My suggestion:

Performing the following to resolve dependencies:

 Action   Package         Arch  Version     Repository  Size
 Install  mysql           i386  3.23.58-14  updates     2.8 M
 Install  perl-DBI        i386  1.40-5      base        3.0 M
 Install  perl-DBD-MySQL  i386  2.9003-5    base        5.0 M

 3 packages with a total download size of: 10.8 M
 Is this ok [y/N]:

Or something similar to help remove the ambuguity and unknown variables
for the average user. With the proper setup we can educate and automate
at the same time ;). Comments welcome.

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