[Yum-devel] devel/2.5.0 goals/targets

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Thu Aug 25 22:15:41 UTC 2005

 So I've been working on a list of things for 2.5.0 and wanted to post
them to let people know what I'd like to see in cvs-HEAD before we make
an early release of the next devel branch.

In case anyone didn't see the pattern: even minor numbers == stable
branch, odd minor numbers == devel branch. Just like the kernel (well,

Focuses for the devel series:
 - integration with anaconda - we need to make sure we make the stuff
happen to get yum working as the backend for anaconda. This is important
to fedora core and may well be important for rhel/centos as time goes
 - integration/use from mock - useful for fedora extras and for a number
of other folks using mock to build stuff.
 - scriptability/cleanliness of the interface
 - killing some of the age-old annoying bugs.

Specific goals for 2.5.0:
- config class abstracted out so that the configparser config file
handler is a derived class from the base config class.
- implementing ts.order() in python so we don't, ultimately, need to
download the rpm header from remote - essentially 'assembling' a header
from the metadata we have.
- tag for removable media in config and per-repo
- handling of removable media in the interface and in callbacks.
- handling of discinfo and discids in metadata
- urlgrabber enhancements:
   - timestamp check for repomd.xml
   - fix for ctrl-c failover/cancelling
   - mirror selection routine - the stuff that lmacken and mstenner have
been doing.
- first stab at ripping the logging stuff out and implementing it
differently to support:
  - syslog
  - better error logs/responses from the actual rpm transaction.

What do y'all think? Is there anything you wanted to do for 2.5.0 to
start out with? Any other long-term goals for this devel series?


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