[Yum-devel] request for advice

Michael Stenner mstenner at linux.duke.edu
Thu Aug 18 18:51:23 UTC 2005

OK, this reget thing is really annoying me.  Here's the deal:

  If you do http reget on a complete file, it uses a byterange that
  starts after the last byte and says "the rest".  This (depending on
  which section you read) is an illegal range specifier and results in
  a 416.

  The trouble is that there's no good way to know that the file is
  complete before you try.

I can think of a few ways to tackle this:

  1) catch the 416, but interpret it as success (perhaps for reget
  2) perform some sort of query first to determine the length - ick
  3) use If-Range, which will cause it (I think) to just send the
     whole file if there's a range error (which in this case sometimes
     happens when we ALREADY HAVE the whole file)

Any other ideas?  This would be so much nicer if it just allowed for a
zero-length request.

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