[Yum-devel] Yum 2.4.0 Release

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Sun Aug 14 22:38:09 UTC 2005

Hi Everyone,
 I'm pleased to announce the release of yum 2.4.0. This is the first in
the stable release line (2.4.X). 2.2.0 was released in February and over
the past 6 months a lot of work has gone into making yum faster, use
less memory and more reliable.

I'd like to thank all the developers and contributors who made this all

Big changes since 2.2.0:
- sqlite db back-end
- plug-in infrastructure
- api cleanups
- db cleanups
- output restructuring
- interactive yum command shell.

Lots of bugs have been fixed and I think this is by far one of the more
stable releases.

This version is known to work with the following distributions:
- Fedora Core 4
- Fedora Core 3
- CentOS 4

I'm sure there are more but those are the one's I've directly tested.



As always thanks for your patience and support and let us know what


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