[Yum-devel] repoquery/yumquery/something

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at welho.com
Tue Sep 21 09:54:15 UTC 2004

On Tue, 21 Sep 2004, seth vidal wrote:

> Panu,
>  Do you need anything to get started on this (other than time, of
> course)? If you need a place to post code or cvs to check it into, let
> me know. I'm extremely interested in making repoquery work and I'd like
> to help however I can. I know the repomd module fairly well and I just
> added some new features to it that might be useful to this.

Time is the most limiting factor, which I should start having a bit more
from now on. I've started to play around with it already just to get
familiar with the repomd and various silly little things work (see below).

What I really need to do is to sit and think about the design a bit.
Hacking together the functionality is hardly rocket science but I want
repoquery to have sane library interface to repoquery so people can
(easily) write their favorite rpm -q --qf weirdness in python instead.
One important point there being performance: you don't want to end up 
re-re-re-re-reimporting filelists.xml and other.xml several times 
in a row, the overhead of that starts *really* hurting when doing large 
number of queries from the cli.

	- Panu -

[pmatilai at chip repoquery]$ ./repoquery.py --repo ~/redhat/fedora/2/ 
--requires telnet
[pmatilai at chip repoquery]$ ./repoquery.py --repo ~/redhat/fedora/2/ 
--requires --resolve telnet
glibc - 2.3.3-27.i386
glibc - 2.3.3-27.i686
ncurses - 5.4-5.i386
[pmatilai at chip repoquery]$ ./repoquery.py --repo ~/redhat/fedora/2/ -l 
telnet /usr/bin/telnet
[pmatilai at chip repoquery]$ ./repoquery.py --repo ~/redhat/fedora/2/ 
--changelog telnet | head
* Sat Feb 14 00:00:00 2004 Elliot Lee <sopwith at redhat.com>
- rebuilt
* Fri Feb  6 00:00:00 2004 Harald Hoyer <harald at faro.stuttgart.redhat.com> 
- 1:0.17-27
- added PIE compile flags
* Thu Jun  5 01:00:00 2003 Elliot Lee <sopwith at redhat.com>
- rebuilt
* Thu May 29 01:00:00 2003 Harald Hoyer <harald at redhat.de> 1:0.17-26

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