[Yum-devel] yum 2.1.3

Michael Jennings mej at caosity.org
Sun Sep 19 22:59:49 UTC 2004

On Saturday, 18 September 2004, at 19:34:25 (-0400),
seth vidal wrote:

> > Traceback (most recent call last):
> >   File "/usr/share/newyum/yummain.py", line 139, in ?
> >     main(sys.argv[1:])
> >   File "/usr/share/newyum/yummain.py", line 94, in main
> >     (result, resultmsgs) = base.buildTransaction() 
> >   File "__init__.py", line 131, in buildTransaction
> >   File "depsolve.py", line 151, in resolveDeps
> >   File "depsolve.py", line 97, in populateTs
> > TypeError: iteration over non-sequence
> > 
> What was the command you ran leading up to this error?

"yum update"

(Well, to be pedantic, it was "newyum update."  I hacked up the yum
2.1.x stuff to use "newyum" instead of "yum" so that I could test in


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