[Yum-devel] download-only backport or yum 2.x on RH <= 8

Chris Bennett chris at netcraft.com.au
Sat Sep 4 03:39:38 UTC 2004

> I'll come out on a limb and say that I'm pretty sure nobody is
> interested in keeping yum-1.x alive enough to backport features to it --
> certainly not Seth who should be allowed to work on the current version.
> That tree is pretty much dead.

Yeah I can understand that.  I certainly wouldn't wanna be backporting
features into a much older release.. :)  .
> As to yum-2.0 on RH < 8 -- if you can make RPM 4.1.(mumble) work on it,
> including the python libraries, then it will work. Otherwise, it will
> not. It all comes down to the fact that yum-2.0 will not work on rpm-
> 4.0.4.

With respect to this point, has anyone succeeded in getting RPM 4.1 or
higher work with RH <=8 ?

Or, as was discussed on the mailing list:
the prospect of Yum2 backported to co-operate with Yum 4.0.4 minus any
features that 'just wont work'.

If anyone had some of this work done, that won't necessarily make it
into a Yum branch, would you be willing to let me get my hands on it?


Chris Bennett

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