[Yum-devel] download-only backport or yum 2.x on RH <= 8

Chris Bennett chris at netcraft.com.au
Sat Sep 4 03:07:59 UTC 2004


I've had a search through the mailing lists, and google pages to find
out how I can do one of 2 two things:

a) Use Yum 2 on Rh <= 8.0 boxes
b) Get a backport of --download-only into 1.0.3.

I've found the thread:
with subject '[Yum] Patches to backport yum2'.  This looks promising,
but unfortunately there was no real closure on what outcome was
chosen, if any, to be included in the current stable release of V2.

Could anyone enlighten me on the status or experiences of the above to


Chris Bennett

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