[Yum-devel] GPG key importing

Menno Smits menno-yum at freshfoo.com
Wed Dec 22 22:14:48 UTC 2004

seth vidal wrote:

> concerns:
> 1. it's not been touched by the author since september of last year
> 2. it's not listed on his web page any longer.
> However, after looking through the code I see he's implemented it by
> digesting the format himself. That's pretty cool. I'm just worried about
> supporting it, I guess.
> Menno, If you're comfortable with what it's doing go ahead and write the
> patch to import it. I wouldn't mind hearing from the author of it about
> what he thinks of it, though.

I've emailed Jens B. Jorgensen, the author of pgpmsg.py. He's seems to 
think the module is quite stable and he hasn't updated it simply because 
there hasn't been a need. He thinks the module is fairly complete as far 
as the standard goes. That said, I doubt its had a lot of real-world use.

I'm going to test it with as many keys as I can find and if that works 
out then I'll go with it.

> It will either need to be by itself or in the yum/yum/ dir so it can be
> included with the module.

Jens is happy for pgpmsg.py to be included with yum.


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