[Yum-devel] system-config-packages and yum

Paul Nasrat pnasrat at redhat.com
Wed Dec 22 18:13:59 UTC 2004

"The time has come", the monkey said
"To talk of many things"
"Of groups and comps and meta data"
"Of packages and deps"
"And why rawhide is boiling hot"
"And whether yum has a gui"

OK I'm going to try and cat herd/organise this as it's needed...

The plan - get yum backending s-c-packages for FC4.  Whilst the schedule
isn't announced it's likely to be tight - so lets try and get started.

Ideally a cross team group - including myself, Seth Vidal, some more UI
ppl for later stages.

fedora-config-list for the most part
yum-devel-list if we need to patch yum
rpm-metadata for metadata additions

I'm usually on #rpm on freenode during the day - EST (UTC -0500), there
is also the quiet #packaging channel we could abuse. I'm keen for this
to be done in the open.

Delivery: rawhide and the usual test releases. Possibly
people.redhat.com or elsewhere for snapshots.


1) By end of January have the backend in place to use yum for s-c-
packages in it's existing form (CD's, tree repos).

2) Look at extending the UI to handle network installs as well

3) Future development discussion - dns-sd discovery and browsing of
repos, etc.

It's possible that we'll end up with several uis for different types of
task, lets concentrate on the current interface first and discuss future


* Break down tasks and estimate
* Short iterations - say a week
* Release often, milestone releases scheduled
* Unit tests and functional tests???


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