[Yum-devel] yum memory use question

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Dec 7 23:12:57 UTC 2004

Hi all,
 I'm trying to figure out where the memory is going.

Here's a set of commands I'd like anyone to try and tell me what they
see that's happening:

running yum 2.1.12 on the system do:

import yum
foo = yum.YumBase()
foo.setConfigOption('cache', 1)

at this point only the repodata from primary.xml should be read into

I'm seeing a memory foot print of something like 49M with fc3 + updates
in memory.

That seems high to me, any ideas?

I've noticed that:

import rpm
import libxml2

brings the memory size up to 15M or so

so that's where that amount is going - but I'm having a hard time coming
up with the other 35M of memory.

If anyone can come up with something thinner or can point out a place
where I've left something around that I shouldn't have I'd appreciate
any insight.


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