[yum-commits] docs/yum.8

zpavlas at osuosl.org zpavlas at osuosl.org
Thu Sep 19 12:26:11 UTC 2013

 docs/yum.8 |    4 +++-
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

New commits:
commit d879d955c80b3e4c7f630310c3e40c9d9e8a093e
Author: Zdenek Pavlas <zpavlas at redhat.com>
Date:   Thu Sep 19 14:22:58 2013 +0200

    docs: fix formatting of "yum swap" examples. BZ 1009154

diff --git a/docs/yum.8 b/docs/yum.8
index 3766882..e78fc58 100644
--- a/docs/yum.8
+++ b/docs/yum.8
@@ -324,7 +324,7 @@ convert to groups as objects without having to reinstall.
 .IP "\fBshell\fP"
 Is used to enter the 'yum shell', when a filename is specified the contents of
-that file is executed in yum shell mode. See \fIyum-shell(8)\fP for more info
+that file is executed in yum shell mode. See \fIyum-shell(8)\fP for more info.
 .IP "\fBresolvedep\fP"
 Is used to list packages providing the specified dependencies, at most one
@@ -369,10 +369,12 @@ command line.
 swap foo bar
 swap -- remove foo -- install bar
 swap foo group install bar-grp
 swap -- group remove foo-grp -- group install bar-grp
 .IP "\fBdeplist\fP"
 Produces a list of all dependencies and what packages provide those

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