[yum-commits] Branch 'yum-3_2_X' - yum/__init__.py

Tim Lauridsen timlau at osuosl.org
Wed May 19 05:07:13 UTC 2010

 yum/__init__.py |    4 ++++
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)

New commits:
commit 3e4a7713512237489a3959329d468d456f87404a
Author: Tim Lauridsen <timlau at fedoraproject.org>
Date:   Mon May 17 09:41:21 2010 +0200

    SKIP-BROKEN: fix issue where the loop detection are triggered because the have been a unchanged transaction earlier in a skip-broken loop, but was solved by hard reseting the transation. It is only a loop if we have a unchanged transaction 2 times in a row (rhbz # 590454)

diff --git a/yum/__init__.py b/yum/__init__.py
index 773b433..8a2fbf4 100644
--- a/yum/__init__.py
+++ b/yum/__init__.py
@@ -1024,6 +1024,10 @@ class YumBase(depsolve.Depsolve):
                     self.verbose_logger.debug('SKIPBROKEN: resetting already resolved packages (transaction not changed)' )
+            else: 
+                # Reset the looping counter, because it is only a loop if the same transaction is
+                # unchanged two times in row, not if it has been unchanged in a early stage.
+                looping = 0 
             # if we are all clear, then we have to check that the whole current transaction 
             # can complete the depsolve without error, because the packages skipped

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