[Rpm-metadata] installed size broken ?

Anders F Björklund afb at algonet.se
Thu Nov 6 08:19:03 UTC 2008

seth vidal wrote:

>>> it's patched in upstream yum and yum 3.2.20 will have the fix.
>> Good to hear it is fixed, and hope that the old repodata
>> for Fedora 9 etc. can be regenerated with a backport... ?
> backport will wait until it sees some testing in rawhide.

The Fedora 10 Preview Release now has the correct metadata,
i.e. the <size> tags matches what is in the .rpm packages.

The Fedora 9 Updates too, so that part is taken care of now.
So upgrading to createrepo 0.9.6 and yum 3.2.20 might work.


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