[Rpm-metadata] package keyword metadata

Seth Vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Wed Nov 5 20:11:08 UTC 2008

  Some folks working on fedora has been discussing the idea of providing 
some additional keyword/tag metadata in the repodata. Right now it is a 
pretty simple mechanism. Package names keyed to tags. Probably stored in a 
simple sqlite db file that could be included in the repodata. Something 

tag_id: pri key
tag: text

pkgname: text
tag_id: tag_table.tag_id

then you can pull out pkgs based on keywords and vice-versa fairly easily.

So my questions are?
1. is there other critical info needed for something like this?
2. is this something generally useful or should we just leave it as a 
fedora thing?

I'm particularly interested in hearing from the folks working on opensuse.


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