[Rpm-metadata] RFE: auto processing of XML files in repodata/ ?

seth vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jan 31 07:30:30 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-01-31 at 07:16 +0000, Piete Brooks wrote:
> > Then why not just script the modifyrepo lines if the process is automatic?
> With the api that might be more plausible, but the main reason is to ensure 
> that whatever calls "createrepo" gets it right.
> >> I don't see a config file, so no way to tailor it per site.
> > true - a config file would be a bit odd for something as
> > instance-specific as createrepo.
> OK -- I admit that I manage a homogeneous set of repositories.
> However, it's common to have a set of places to look for config files:
> /etc, $HOME, ., the directory being processed.
> This would allow automatic instance specific calls, and reduce the chance of 
> typos

if you're always running the same command, often, on the same box then
either make a shell script or a shell alias for it.


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