[Rpm-metadata] createrepo 0.9.3

seth vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jan 23 04:31:21 UTC 2008

Hi all,
 I just uploaded createrepo 0.9.3 to the website. It contains a couple
of fixes over 0.9.2:

- it allows createrepo to function on an empty dir. :)
- added the --changelog-limit option to limit the number of entries it
includes from each package into the changelog metadata. The default is,
of course, to include all the changelogs. I've found that
--changelog-limit=5 or --changelog-limit=10 is pretty reasonable for a
lot of packages.

it's available here:




I've tested pretty much all of the various combinations of options and I
think it all works correctly but let me know what breaks.

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