[Rpm-metadata] Yum server installation - repomd.xml - cannot file the file speci fied.

Paradis, Irene (TRAC) irene.paradis at us.army.mil
Mon Mar 27 20:33:54 UTC 2006

I'm trying to install a YUM server on a network that cannot touch the
Internet.  I've downloaded "yum-2.4.0.tar.gz" and installed it.  I have an
"/etc/yum.conf" file.  The machine is running RHEL 4.  When I run "yum
update" I get the following error.  NOTE, I'm replacing the IP address since
it is not public:[Errno4
<[Errno4> ]
IOError : [Errno ftp error] 550 pub: The system can not find the file

Trying another mirror.

I did do a:

   createrepo /var/ftp/pub/updates/RHEL4/i386

The "createrepo" never failed or choked.

I did a "google" search for this problem,   and I see similar problems, but
they have to do with a problem in changing directories.  The error I'm
getting doesn't talk about failing to change directories.

Any help or ideas?

Irene Paradis
Security & Info Tech Division
TRAC-White Sands Missile Range
Phone: (505)678-1564; DSN: 258-1564
Phone at Lab: (505)678-5847; VOIP: 2801/2802
Fax: (505)678-4866
irene.paradis at us.army.mil <mailto:irene.paradis at us.army.mil> 

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