[Rpm-metadata] updates

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Sat Oct 25 05:40:01 UTC 2003

>   How does Python know that the string is in Latin 1 ??? what happen if
> you used another encoding actually ? I'm afraid I18N is a really weak
> point of python (that and the choice of UTF16 for "unicode" strings :-\)
> > and then write that out to the disk.

I was thinking about using unicode(string) on all the string objects
coming out of an rpm.

option 1:
 doing a 'try, except' conditional and if it fails, bailing on the rpm.
option 2.
 doing a 'try, except' conditional and if it fails, warning, and
replacing the string with 'GET THE PACKAGER TO WRITE IN ASCII OR UTF8'
or something equally as caustic.

>   Jeff, is there any sane way to escape this ? I'm afraid the answer is no,
> is Latin 1 really the safest way out ? Can this actually lead to a
> guideline for improvements at the distro level ? 

Would it be inappropriate to make utf-8 a requirement for rpm strings?

would it be possible?


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